after. day 2.

i ate a lot today. but it was all real food. so if i'm fat, i'm fat, well-fed and happy.
we had family breakfast this morning, which never happens. i don't know if you've figured this out yet, but i am not a morning person. i really wish i could be. i really wish i could get up before the sunrise, run 5 miles, make it home just in time to catch that burning, glowing orb ascending over the distant horizon, then make a totally healthy and amazing breakfast for myself whilst sipping my oily, dark roast coffee in total fucking silence... and all of this before 6:30 am when N and Z wake up. but so far, wishing has gotten me nowhere since my mornings typically go like this:
  • alarm goes off anywhere between a window of 5:15am and 7:00am, depending on how ambitious i was feeling the night before and/or how little i slept during the night and then adjusted my alarm to the latest possible option.
    • sub-bullet: even when the alarm does go off at 5:15, i do not get up. i turn it off.
  • next, i am awakened from my slumber by the hot breath of one of my children in my face asking me if it's morning yet, and i realize it's 7am and i'm going to be embarrassingly late for work, yet again.
  • it's 7am and i have to attempt to do something with my hair. on a good day, it's usually been at least 48 hours since i last washed it, so up into the top knot we go yet again. on days like this, i try to wear red lipstick and big earrings to detract from my hideous hair.
  • by 7:30am, i'm dressed and ready to go and i slam my 2nd cup of coffee on the way out the door, not having eaten or grabbed anything for breakfast.
i know. it sounds like bliss, right?

but this morning went nothing like this. i slept pretty good last night and although i had set out my running clothes to hit the gym for a little run/walk, my lungs were still pretty angry this morning and i didn't think running was smart. so i got up at 6:15, a very reasonable option in my 5:15-7am window, showered, dressed, and then made breakfast for the whole family. if you're not impressed, you should be. even typing it out here, i can hardly believe it myself.

breakfast was a couple of eggs scrambled with some canadian bacon, tomatoes, green pepper and kale/spinach/chard mix. and then i shoved some blueberries in my face. in case your wondering,the kids would not go anywhere near the egg scramble. they had oatmeal with cream and honey. and they still complained.

i left for work at about -20-windchill-o'clock, but i have to tell you - even though this weather is beyond human comprehension, it was one of the most beautiful mornings i've seen recently. the sunrise was blood orange and it was so cold that the snow crunched if you came anywhere near it.

around 10:30, i drank a green smoothie with my new protein powder, which i really like.
time life called. they want some of my pictures.

lunch was leftovers and damn, was this a good idea. my aforementioned friend amy gave me the idea of taking leftover dinner for lunch the next day. i don't know why i've never thought to do this? i usually try to make myself something unique and special for lunch, which just takes way too much effort. so i've decided to adopt her method of taking what wasn't ravaged from the night before:
ermagehhrd! lerrftovehrrs!
"clean" meatloaf. broccoli. half a sweet potato with plain greek yogurt.

after that, i wanted something sweet. and i knew where the candy lady was sitting today. and i also knew there was a gigantic spread of muffins, donuts and bagels from some god-awful meeting that i wasn't invited to. and i don't know why i do this, but if there's free food at work, i almost always eat it, no matter what it is and/or if i'm even hungry. so i walked to this spread of leftovers sweets and carbohydrates, and you know what i saw? the flu. i saw germs and influenza all over that shit. and i've been sick for nearly 6 weeks now and really can't handle any more germs. so i grabbed these instead:
fuck yeah! germ-free grapes!

then around 3pm, i decided to eat again. i wasn't hungry necessarily, but bored and i knew that i'd wind up at candy lady's desk if i didn't do something.
i eat at my desk, completely shame-free.

you see that hard boiled egg? biggest egg fail to date. first of all, the fucker would not peel and i was getting increasingly angry with every tiny bit of brown shell that clung to the egg white like rose to the floating door in titanic. and then when i finally got some semblance of it peeled and ready to eat? it was wet inside. WET. totes gross. i like my hard boiled eggs completely dry and hard (that's what she said), so dry that you have to take a drink of water with it just to swallow it. wet eggs skeeve me out. and now i totally have 5 more of these eggs in the fridge and don't know what to do. i don't think you can re-boil partially-boiled eggs... or can you? maybe i'll give them to kj2. i think she likes her eggs gross like this.

the rest of the day was pretty uneventful except for dinner-omg-dinner! i made a paleo version of chicken pad thai that was blow-your-mind-completely-off amazing. here's a link to the recipe that i followed word for word, except i doubled the sunshine sauce and there still wasn't enough. consider yourself warned. make triple sauce.

most unappetizing picture yet. you're welcome.

this was so filling and so good, that i didn't need to do what i just did a few minutes ago. but i was still fantasizing about chocolate and instead of getting into the christmas candy reserves, i made this:

half a banana. cocoa powder. protein powder. 2 dates. ice. coconut milk.

it was delicious, but i probably didn't need it. i'm eating like a marathon runner, when the only marathon i'm running right now is in my dreams to a plate of bagels.

i have nothing else to say today.

ashley "make triple sauce!" rebekah

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  1. Ok. There are too many ways that I relate to this post. I totally feel you on the eating a lot of the really good foods. I don't think I've lost a single pound on this Whole30 kick (and the point isn't for me to loose necessarily but change the way I eat) but anyway. Lots of good food don't = weight loss but one happy mama with a lot of good food in her belly. Love the pad thai recipe too. So so good! Proud of you friend!


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