after. day 18.

remember that 6am run i was supposed to do? didn't happen. but it's not my fault. the badger was up most of the night sick and at some dark hour in the night/early morning, he asked me to stay home this morning to help with the kids. i'm starting to feel like we need to move to california just to dry out and stop being sick all the time.

"mom. mom. mom. mom. mom. mom."

"is it morning yet?"
"i don't know. it's still dark out. go back to bed."
"but mom. mom. mom. mom. mom. mom. mom. mom..."
"i'm hungry."
"fine. i'm up."

the children and i headed downstairs where i fumbled around in the dark searching for the coffee and they demanded food. they had ice cream for breakfast. i'm not proud, but it was a deal that was struck at dinner last night when we realized that it was 7:30pm, they were still eating their dinner, it was their bedtime, and they were not going to get dessert. they both burst into tears as if we had taken their favorite toys away and burned them before their very own eyes. in order to get them to stop crying and finish their dinner, the badger said "fine. if you eat your dinner right now and stop crying, you can have ice cream for breakfast." i wasn't very happy with this deal, but i was happy that they stopped crying.

here's a parenting tip from your old pal ashley: you win some, you lose some.

7:30am. after the sugar of the ice cream wore off, i convinced the children that they should eat something a bit more nutritious. i made them oatmeal with strawberries and cream, which they gobbled. and i made myself an almond joy protein pancake:

mashed banana. egg. sunwarrior vanilla protein powder. cocoa powder.
topped with toasted coconut and pecans.

and look at that amazing coffee mug that the badger got for me. he's the greatest.

after breakfast, i had the kids help me make their lunches for school. i gave them the choice between a turkey and cheese sandwich or almond butter and honey sandwich. zeke said "i want oranges." nash said "i want ice cream!" they obviously weren't listening. they both wound up with almond butter and honey, with strawberries and raisins on the side.

so, i figured i could squeeze in a run at the gym after dropping the kids off at school at 11:30 and before needing to be at work for a 2pm meeting. and i didn't feel like i had to squeeze in a run, i actually wanted to squeeze in a run. that's the thing i've found about working out. more movement begets more movement. a body in motion stays in motion. the more i workout, the more i-i-i-i (wanna) workout.

10:30am. i made myself a snack to get ready for my post-kid-drop-off-pre-work run.

ezekiel sprouted grain toast with peanut butter and drippy honey.
and more coffee. because. toddlers at 6am.

11:45am. the kids are safely at school and i am on my way to the gym, feeling pretty damn proud of myself. i've got plenty of time to run, stretch/foam-roll, shower and get to work before my 2pm meeting. the run went good. i'm still doing run/walk intervals to get back into the habit, and my running portions were a bit longer than on tuesday. putting a towel over the timer/mileage ticker really helps. i get kind of lost in my music and forget about my pace or how far i've gone/not gone. however, the towel method really sucks when it falls down and catches the emergency stop cord on the way to the floor, bringing the treadmill to a grinding hault. i've done this before. and i'm slightly more graceful on the treadmill now than in 2005. but only slightly.

1:53pm. this is when i finally arrive at work, after showering, fucking up my wet hair in a manner that was totally uncalled for, leaving the gym, driving downtown, finding a parking spot and paying the meter, and getting up to my desk on the 28th floor. my meeting was at 2 and i still hadn't eaten lunch. so i grabbed this:
an orange. an egg. and some almonds. and this time, i ate all of the almonds.

5:30pm. home from work and prepping dinner and really hungry. so i had a snack:
tortilla chips. greek yogurt with tomatillo salsa.
and yes, that's butter and bacon in the background waiting for their turn in the pan.


thursday's are brinner nights at 1918. that's "breakfast for dinner" = dinner. the kids love it because it's pancakes. i love it because it's mindless and easy. i usually make a frittata, which kind of winds up being a nice way to use up the remains of our weekly produce. tonight's mixture was amazing! i sliced up half an onion, then a red bell pepper, some broccoli, and some heirloom tomatoes. it was a lot of veggies, i may have gone overboard:
before "future birds" were added...

after "future birds" were added.

6:45pm. dinner is served:
aforementioned frittata. 1/2 a sweet potato. and massaged kale with lemon juice and olive oil.

today was a great day, except my knees are kind of 'achy'. it doesn't feel like injury-achy-knees, which i've had. it feels more like ramping-up-achy-knees, like, they are all "what the hell are you doing, lady? we liked laying on the couch and drinking brandy." and i'm all "come on knees. let's do this like we're 28 again."

ashley "cartilage isn't made to last" rebekah

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